Brooks: A Birth Story | Omaha Birth Photographer

Oh my! It is so hard to find words for this post because it was such an amazing experience that I literally don’t know how to describe it! On 4/26/2016 I went to my day job as usual, knowing that Lindsay was going in to be induced that morning at 6 AM. Let me tell you, trying to get through the work day while waiting for ‘the call’ to head to the hospital was so difficult! Around 1 PM Lindsay’s sister called me and let me know that Lindsay was 5 cm dilated…time to head to the hospital!! I grabbed my things and practically ran out to my car (not an easy feat at 35 weeks pregnant myself).
Since I live so close to where Lindsay was delivering, I decided to swing by my house on the way to change and grab a few things. As I was about to pull into my neighborhood, I saw lights flashing behind me…I was getting pulled over! What?! I knew I wasn’t speeding and of course this was the worst timing possible, but I pulled over and started collecting my license and registration information. As I handed the police officer my registration I realized the issue, my license plate stickers were still stapled to it…I had renewed my information back in August of 2015 and had forgotten to put the updated stickers on (I’m going to admit here that this is not the first time this has happened)! Thankfully the police officer was so kind and understanding and had me on my way fairly quickly!
Then off to the hospital I went, and made it to Lindsay’s room just a bit after 2. Upon arrival I learned that Lindsay had been laboring all morning and had just gotten an epidural shortly before I arrived. There was so much excitement in the room but Lindsay and Reid were calm and just focusing on delivering their little one safely. After that, her labor flew by and after only about an hour of pushing little Brooks arrived at 4:53 PM. The joy and love in the room was amazing to witness and I just love the first photos of Mommy holding her baby! Thank you Lindsay and Reid for letting me be a part of this beautiful time in your lives!


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  1. Lauri Randolph says:
    Beautiful pictures! Such a special moment to capture. Can’t wait to meet baby Brooks! Aunt Lauri
  2. Susan Bensen says:
    Priceless!!!! Love them all!!!!