Baby Marshall | Birth Story | Omaha Birth Photography


Baby Marshall joined my little family as baby number 3 (all under 3 years of age!!) on May 21, 2016. His actual due date was June 2, so he was ready to come early and I was definitely ready to meet him! I worked a full day at my day job on Friday, May 20 and actually had my 38 week check up that day also. At the doctor’s I was told that I was already 5 cm dilated, so the baby could literally come at any time! My doctor joked that she was working at the hospital all night, so maybe she would see me later on…little did we both know that that would actually be the case!
Later that night, Fenna and Kason had both gone to bed and I was watching a show before heading off to bed myself. With 5 minutes left in my show, Kason woke up and started crying. Both David and I got to his bedroom door to go in and check on him at the same time and I told David I would take this one. I headed in to Kason’s room, he had lost his paci, so i reached into his crib to try and find it. I must have hit at just the right spot because as I leaned over the crib I felt my water break (this was about 9:45 PM Friday night)! I quickly got Kason settled down and then David and I frantically started packing our hospital bag! We called family over to come stay with the kids while we went to the hospital and we were quickly on our way.
At the hospital it was quickly confirmed that my water had indeed broke (which I had no doubts about), and my contractions started to come on much stronger and closer together. After a couple of hours I got an epidural and was able to get a quick nap in. By 2 AM on Saturday I was fully dilated and it was time to start pushing! I pushed through only 3 contractions and baby Marshall arrived at 2:29 AM, Saturday May 21!!  Marshall was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches long.  He was healthy and beautiful and we know we are so, so blessed!