Beautiful and Bold | Omaha Birth Photographer

I am coming to find that Birth Photography is a concept that is not yet widely accepted in the Midwest.  However, if you saw my 2016 post, you know that I am determined to show Omaha and surrounding areas that Birth Photography is a BEAUTIFUL and BOLD thing to do!  I think the reason it seems so scary and taboo is simply because this part of the country is not educated on what it is and how MODEST it can be.  So, for purposes of education, I would like to share my take on Birth Photography and explain why I think every Mama-to-be should at least consider having a Birth Photographer present at the birth of their child.

**Be warned that there will be an overabundance of exclamation points in the following paragraphs because I am just so dang EXCITED about Birth Photography!!

To start, giving birth is a beautiful and miraculous thing!  You are bringing a new life into this world!  Personally, I can’t think of a single thing in life that is more important or special than that!  To be able to have documentation of your little ones first moments here on this earth and to one day be able to share those with your children, to me that is just priceless!


While giving birth is amazing, I also understand that it can be scary, nerve-wracking, painful and difficult.   Believe me, I myself have given birth twice, and will be doing it again in a few months!  I understand how uncertainty and doubts can creep into your mind…why would anyone want those moments captured?  Well, these moments, while they may not be ideal, are part of bringing your baby into this world, and when you look back on those moments, you can see how strong and determined you were to be able to make it through for your little one.  That is true love!  I believe looking back on those moments should make every Mama feel proud of what they endured to bring their precious little out of the womb and into their arms!


Another HUGE reason I think that births should be captured by a professional photographer is because after giving birth (at least for me and many of my friends) everything is a blur!  With everything going on and all of the excitement and exhaustion, it is hard to remember the moments you first saw/held your little one.  With a photographer present, those cherished moments will be well preserved for generations to come!  Looking at those images of those moments that may have escaped your mind will bring all of the emotions and memories back!  How sweet to be able to relive those moments days, months, and even years later!  This also allows Daddy to be present and fully supporting mom during the process, and he can even enjoy those first few moments after baby arrives instead of fumbling with a camera!


Now, if I’m being honest, one of my first thoughts when I discovered Birth Photography was indecent exposure!  Surely there was no way to modestly document a baby’s arrival.  But alas, how very wrong I was!  I have a free consultation with all of my clients prior to the birth where we will discuss the type and angles of pictures they would be comfortable with.  Giving birth, especially if it is your first time, is such an intimate experience, usually shared only with loved ones (and medical professionals).  I do not want to take away from that experience in any way!  My style is generally that of a ‘fly on the wall’, documenting moments as they happen, but not being part of the moments myself.  I want you to forget that I am there (and in the heat of labor you most likely will!) and just take in the moments as you would if it was only you and your loved ones in the room.  I love to capture the little ones first moments from the perspective of the mother, because those are the photos that will bring back all of those amazing emotions and trigger the beautiful memories of baby being born.


Whew!  That was a mouthful, hopefully this has been educational and will help more people understand the beauty of birth photography.  I know it is a strange thing to consider if you are not familiar with it or are just hearing about it for the first time, but I promise, images from a birth session are irreplaceable and will be cherished for generations to come!