What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is professional photographic documentation of your labor and delivery.  Birth Photography captures all of the beautiful moments leading up to and after the birth of your precious bundle of joy!


Why is Birth Photography important?

Birth Photography is SO important because the birth of a child is often one of the most life changing moments in an individual or couples life.  In my experience, because of all of the newness and excitement through the labor and birth process, the whole event can become a blur and memories of this precious time are often lost.  When documented correctly, images from Birth Photography can bring back beautiful memories and emotions years and even decades down the road.


Why can’t a family member just take pictures?

Having a professional Birth Photographer allows you, your spouse, and any family members you have in the room with you to be completely present and experience every moment of the labor and delivery to the fullest.  This also allows me to capture images of your families excitement and anticipation as baby gets closer to delivery; these images are always some of my favorites!  As a Birth Photographer I also have equipment and knowledge to handle numerous different lighting situations, including very low light which is often the case in a lot of birth situations.  I will be able to capture each precious moment without being intrusive (no flash) regardless of the time of day or night that baby decides to make their entrance.



What if there are certain images/times that I don’t want captured?

I set up a free in-person consultation with every Birth Photography inquiry that I receive.  During this time we will discuss numerous things about the birth process and the images that you would like captured.  I prefer to shoot from the view of the mother as I believe these are the images that will bring back the most emotion in the future, but I will shoot what you are comfortable with per our consultation.  I will also be as involved as you would like me to be during the entire process.  I have always been fortunate to work with very inviting and friendly families who welcome my presence, however, I can also be a ‘fly on the wall’, simply there to quietly capture the beautiful moments that are about to unfold.

What if I don’t want images shared on social media?

While I appreciate when clients allow me to share their images on social media (this is my main form of marketing), I also understand that not everyone is open to this.  This is something we would discuss in your free in-person consultation and I will respect your decision if you decide to keep these pictures for your eyes only.  If you do agree to have images shared on social media, after your birth I provide a sample gallery of the images I would LOVE to share, at that time you can review the images and let me know if there are any you are not comfortable with me sharing.  I know giving birth is such an intimate and personal time, because of this I will never share an image without first getting your approval.


How can I set up my FREE Consultation?

You can contact me directly via email at sjp@samanthajunephotos.com or you can simply click over to my Contact SJ tab and send me an email via that page!  I can not wait to hear from you!!


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