Birthdays and Headshots | Samantha June Photography

In honor of beginning my last year of my 20’s (WAHHHH!!), I thought I would share my headshots and a few (hopefully) fun random facts about myself.

  1. I never wear make-up.  Like hardly ever.  I can probably count on ONE HAND the number of times I wear make-up in a year.  And I’m going to be honest, I probably need make-up, but I am really just too lazy and never seem to have enough time in the mornings to actually put it on!  I don’t understand how anyone with littles finds the time!  Plus, what if my eye itches during the day??  I want to be able to itch it without worrying about ruining my make-up!  On the rare occasions that I do wear make-up, it includes a brush over with powder, a little blush (which I’ve been out of for a few months now), and curling my eyelashes.  That’s about as high maintenance as I get!  All in all, it’s just too much of a hassle for me!
  2. My favorite foods are sushi and Honey Nut Cheerios.  I’ve been trying to think of a time where one of these foods didn’t sound appealing to me…and I can’t pinpoint even one time!  These are two things I would never eat together, but separately, they ALWAYS sound good!  Honey Nut Cheerios have been my favorite go-to bed time snack throughout pretty much all of my pregnancies, and I should probably not admit that I can go through a family sized box in a couple of days, but there it is!  And sushi…let’s just say I am 34 weeks pregnant and already counting down the days until I can eat the real stuff again!  Don’t get me wrong, veggie, crab, and shrimp sushi are all delicious, but I just want me some spicy tuna (with a martini, of course)!!
  3. This is another fact that I probably should not admit…but I have watched the Prison Break TV series THREE times through on Netflix!  I LOVE that show and it is slightly addicting!  Also, I may watch it again after Baby M comes while on leave…just saying it could happen!  I did skip the 3rd season a couple times because some of the episodes creeped me out, so that saved a little time!  What are your favorite Netflix shows??  Maybe I should try something different so later I don’t have to admit that I watched Prison Break through four times…LOL!

Headshots below are all from the ever so talented Nikki McLeay Photography!  Although we did these a few months back, and I no longer look like this since I am SUPER pregnant right now, I still love them and love how well they match with my brand!  I can’t thank Nikki enough for these photos and I can’t wait for you to see them!









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  1. Pat Meiners says:
    Sam you grow more beautiful each year. I don’t know anyone who does not wear make up who can pull it off like you. You are truly the girl next door! I feel so fortunate that you love my son and our giving me such beautiful grandchildren… Thank you !!