Blog Goals | Omaha Photography Blogger

I wanted to outline my blogging goals so that I will (hopefully) stay accountable to what I want to accomplish!  As of now, my goal is to blog three days a week.  I know this will not always be easy to accomplish with my schedule, but I also know that it definitely can be done!  I just can’t be lazy, I have to choose to work instead of…well, TV and bed (and I love both of those things SO much)!  Luckily my little ones go to bed by 8 every night, so that leaves this Mama with a couple of hours to work peacefully before I have to crash for the night.  Usually those couple of hours have been my wind-down time, catch up on my shows, have a glass of wine, eat a snack without having two little mouths constantly begging for bites, and just RELAX.  But, if I want this business to succeed and to be a successful blogger, I have to put those things aside for now and work, work, work!  And then work some more!  I have to admit though, I am SCARED!  I am scared that I will run out of things to blog about (very quickly), I am scared that what I have to say won’t be interesting enough, I am scared that there will be no one on the other end reading my blog posts.  All of these things could very well come true, but I can’t let that stop me from trying, even though I have already convinced myself that failure is inevitable.  I don’t mean to be negative, but the place I’m in at this moment with this business, it seems impossible that I would ever be able to make enough to be able to quit my day job.  It seems impossible that I would have people checking my blog every day to see what I have to say.  These things actually seem crazy, impossible!  But, I have to remind myself that everyone started somewhere (and probably somewhere pretty close to where I am today).  Some of my favorite photographers and bloggers (Jasmine Star, Katelyn James, Amy & Jordan, Amanda Hedgepeth) all started out in the same spot I am in, and now they are industry leaders, and the only way they got there is through HARD WORK!  With all that being said, I am up for the challenge, LET’S DO THIS!

And just to add some FUN, here are my little munchkins!!  Two and one years old!!