New Brochures | Omaha Birth Photographer

I am so, so, SO EXCITED to show off my new brochures that are focused on Maternity, Birth, and Lifestyle Newborn Photography! I worked with Annie at Off-Center Design to create these and I am absolutely in LOVE with how they turned out! Annie helped me every step of the way and was consistently professional and always surprised me with how quickly she responded to any question or changes I had! I would HIGHLY recommend her to any other creates in need of design work! The goal behind creating these brochures was to get the word out about Birth Photography. Since I am focusing on maternity and births this year and plan to specialize in those, I needed some kind of marketing materials that I could use to start putting out in the community. One of my favorite things about these brochures is their size. I have never been a fan of the regular sized brochures because I would always end up folding them since they were too long to fit in my purse, and once I folded a brochure it usually stayed that way until it ended up in the trash. These amazing brochures and 5 inches by 5 inches, which makes them perfect purse sized for mommies-to-be to grab up (and also a lot cuter!)! I am in the process of placing them in midwife centers and hospital waiting rooms (with permission!) around Omaha and can’t wait to see if they reach new potential clients! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak at them! I can’t stop staring at them!