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You guys!!  I’ve only been blogging three days a week for a couple weeks now and I’ve already missed my first day, this Monday I did not get a post up.  Insert sad face.  BUT, I have a really good excuse…it’s my husbands fault!  Totally, kind of joking.  So this weekend, My David decided to update/upgrade our computer (it desperately needed it!), but the issue was that he didn’t tell me first that he was going to…and I was in the middle of editing two of my most recent sessions.  Now, I don’t really know the first thing about technology, but when the updated system came up and Aperture (where all of my pictures are stored and edited) would NOT open because it was too outdated, I had a small (LARGE) freakout.  It was not pretty, people!  I though I had lost ALL of my images, like all of them, personal and professional, and tears were pretty close to coming a few times.  Thankfully, My David is basically a technological genius and was able to find my photos and import them into Apple’s new photo system, Photos.  However, that also posed another problem, Photos does not have anywhere near the editing capabilities that I need, so now I have Lightroom 5!!!  Which is SO exciting, and I was going to get it anyway, but I was waiting until next month when sessions died down so I would have time to take the time to learn it.  But, now I’m jumping right in because I don’t have a choice!  But perhaps it will be good in the long run and force me to learn it faster since I still have quite a few shoots left this month…time will tell.  Well, that is my excuse for missing Monday’s blog post.  I hope you forgive me and we can move forward with our blog/reader relationship (if there’s anybody out there!).  Also, I should say I am SO thankful for My David and that he puts up with my melt downs and that he is so good in areas where I am lacking.  I would not have made it as far as I have without him.  True story.  And because every post needs some pretty, here’s a shot from our recent family session with the ever so talented Melissa Pennington Photography:

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